Membership Details

Who is a member?

This is any person with privileges and rights to access our university resources within a period of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 4 years else agreed otherwise by the user and us

What privileges do members enjoy?

Members can access Notes, Assessment Tests, Revision model papers, Session Papers and Research tools in all faculty courses available in our data-store.

What do I need to be a member?

  1. You need to have a Gmail email account. Not just any other but Gmail. Sign Up its free
  2. You need membership fee
0-183 days         ~350/=
184-366 days       ~450/=
Access rights           ~CLICK HERE
0-183 days         ~365/=
184-366 days       ~495/=
Access rights           ~CLICK HERE
0-183 days         ~385/=
184-366 days       ~600/=
Access rights           ~CLICK HERE
0-183 days         ~520/=
184-366 days       ~750/=
Access rights           ~CLICK HERE
0-183 days         ~N/A
184-366 days       ~1200/=
Access rights           ~CLICK HERE
0-183 days         ~N/A
184-366 days       ~2300/=
Access rights           ~CLICK HERE 
N/B- make sure your email is active before you send it to me

How do I send these Requirements?

Send them to:
  • Mpesa: 0728 450 425
  • Airtel Money: 0738 619 279
  • SMS your email address to any of the two numbers above
  • Don't send withdrawal fee

What happens when we send you these requirements?

Upon receiving these requirements, we will swing into action and perform the following.
  1. Enter your email into our database - you will be notified in your email at the end of this exercise. it normally takes 3-10 minutes holding proximity, availability and speed of internet as a constant
  2. We will then proceed to create a calender that will automatically notify you when the membership period has expired. When you receive this calender on your mail, please accept it.
  3. Twaff! you now are a member

How do I use My Membership?

  • Access our main catalogue system to identify a resource, then click on the link to open the resource.
  • Upon clicking on the link, you will be asked to provide your Gmail account and password. Append them appropriately and the resources will open. (the password is your password you normally use. this is because this website is a product of Google who owns Gmail accounts. thus we duly don't control any of your personal details.)
  • With your mail, you can now access as many resources as you want

Who do you contact for Help and Support?

Maurice Atika Nyamoti
P.O BOX 327

P.O BOX 1189

TEL:  0728 450 425  SAFARICOM
TEL:  0738 619 279    AIRTEL



WHATSAPP# 0728 450 425

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